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Welcome, Realtors!

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Finally, The Roofing Company You Can Count On!

Every successful realtor needs a reliable roofing contractor that’s available on-demand. At Revival Roofing & Restoration, we understand the real estate business and know that time is of the essence when you’re trying to close a sale.

We offer free, full exterior roof inspections and reports with photos to both sellers and agents. 

Revival Roofing & Restoration offers completely free pre-listing inspection reports for real estate agents which can: avoid crucial problems at closing, increase the sale price of the home, and most importantly, our inspections will help get your buyer the credits they deserve... making you

more money!


Best Roofer in New Orleans

At Revival Roofing & Restoration, we start with a thorough and well-informed plan for a home's roof repairs, especially when submitting an insurance claim - with storm-related damage, in particular, the roofing layers, wood, and other materials. Our residential roofing professionals carefully check and document the full effects of damage so our experience can help get you the repairs you need. We're ready to get to work with a wide range of roofing types including: flat roofs, EPDM roofing, TPO roofing, and custom guttering, skylight installation, and more. Most of all, we care about the safety of you and your property. Let us do the ladder work and show you the pictures with our Revival Inspection Report. That's what your professional, local roofing contractor is for!

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Why Realtors Should Partner With Revival

1. We Can Offer a Second Opinion

The need for a roof repair is usually determined after an inspection. A partner roofing company can offer a second opinion on the condition of the roof to determine the best course of action moving forward.

2. We Can Help With Those Small Repairs

By working with Revival Roofing & Restoration  you trust, they can help perform small repairs in a timely fashion. There is no need to spend time asking around for roofers or researching roofing companies on your own. We have a dedicated repairman - all you have to do is save us in your phone and call or text us when you need us next. Or, you can fill out our inspection form here.

3. We Offer Free Estimates On Repairs And Replacements

It’s fairly common for roofing companies to offer free estimates for roof repairs or replacements. But sometimes they don’t.

By working with a partner roofing contractor, any estimates provided should cost you or your clients nothing.

4. We Can Speed Up Closing With Timely Reports

When a seller is responsible for repairing their roof prior to closing, there often needs to be some form of proof of what repairs were completed. When you partner with Revival, you don’t have to worry about any of this as we provide a detailed report of the work performed on the roof, along with the payment receipt. This in turn should help speed up the closing time so we will earn your business time and time again.

5. We Are There When You Need Us

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to working with a roofing company is that they are they for you. When you need them.

As a partner Realtor, you are their priority and should want to put you and your clients first.

6. We Can Help Get The House Sold

The truth is, a trusted roofing company can make everyone’s lives easier. From the buyer, to the seller, to the agent and all other parties involved. We quickly assess what work needs to be performed, offer cost-effective suggestions, and handle repairs in a timely fashion. All while reducing stress and creating peace of mind for everyone involved. Inquire today to start your partnership with Revival Roofing & Restoration, or call (504) 446-7663.

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