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The Honest Roofing & Restoration Company in South Louisiana

Revival Roofing & Restoration is an honest roofing company based in Harvey and New Orleans, Louisiana, servicing all of our surrounding parishes. We take pride in all aspects of our work, from answering that initial phone call with a smile, to showing up exactly when we say we're going to show up, we're constantly told that our communication, workmanship, and drive to exceed (expectations) are on a level that isn't often found in today's modern business society.

The funny part is, is that we just try to keep things simple. We ask questions so we can educate our clients. We're transparent, so you don't get hit with any hidden fees after the project is over! If you care about high-quality products and customer service, a solid warranty over your head, and are looking for value rather than the lowest price you can find, consider Revival Roofing & Restoration's Free Roof Inspection to start your roofing journey; don't worry, it's 100% free and no-obligation. If you're super busy, you don't even have to be home for us to email you a report and estimate! How simple is that?

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At Revival Roofing & Restoration, we believe that the roofs we repair and replace serve more purpose than improving a home's curb appeal - while looks are important, our roofs serve as the most important layer of protection on a home, keeping valuables and families safe from the elements. We combine high-quality materials with the best installation practices to yield a defensive system, but we are not naive to the fact that a roof can only be installed so good.

What truly sets Revival Roofing & Restoration apart is our customer service and attention-to-detail. We prioritize communication, offer competitive prices, and have project supervision you won't find elsewhere. We're redefining the roof buying process for South Louisiana. Come see how we are doing it!


Founded On Three Principals

We feel it's extremely important that our friends and neighbors of the communities we serve do their research and find a roofing contractor who is going to do what is in the client's best interest, not what's in the best interest of the contractor's pockets. It's also an added bonus when a roofing company backs their work - accidents DO happen, and in the rare case of them, we act immediately until everything is done correctly.

Since a large part of our business are storm-restoration projects, we know how important it is to bring comfort and peace of mind to families and businesses in hurricane and catastrophe-affected zones. Do your research and even if it's not Revival Roofing, please choose a reputable, local and licensed roofing contractor.

We genuinely understand and respect our roofing competitors throughout South Louisiana, yet we are still able to take on the challenge of being outstanding and exceeding the expectations of those that we have the pleasure of serving. If you choose Revival Roofing & Restoration to be your roofing contractor, you will be choosing the team that's working the hardest to be the best at their craft.

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